Travel #1: Introduction

Hello there everyone,

One of my passions is to travel. I was never able to travel much through out my life and the first time I stepped a foot into an airplane was only 3/4 years ago. I believe that traveling is an addiction and once you start it is really hard to stop.

For me it’s not only the vacation part that counts, it’s the knowledge I get and all the experiences that enrich my life and change me as a person. From now on I will do some regular posts on traveling places and also some traveling tips to help you on getting the perfect holidays.

Hope you enjoy all the recent changes on the blog (even the name, omg!) and I hope I can count on you in this new journey.




Random decor ideas #1

Hello there 🙂

I must say that I have a crush on any type of a grey decor. I just love how grey is neutral but is not black or white and it’s amazing when combined with some blue, yellow or even pink appointments.

Having a grey room is having a room always with style and easy to change when you are bored! I leave you here some of the decors that catched my eye on the last days.



DIY: IKEA Rast Hack

Do It Yourself.png

Hello there 🙂

As promised, here I am giving this blog a little boost! Today I am going to tell you how I did a very very simple hack on my Rast Ikea dresser and how I use it as a bedside dresser.

So I moved to this house some years ago, like almost 8/9 years ago. Since then I never took time to do a proper decor on my room and I am just keeping to leave it to do later and later.

Last year, I discovered that one wardrobe and one dresser was not nearly enough for all of my clothes so I headed down to IKEA to find a solution. I didn’t want to spend much money but I needed something that could look good on my room and to be like a starting point for what I aim to get.

After researching a bit, I discovered the Rast dresser which is versatile, has the exact amout of space that a bedside dresser should have and is cheap, only 25€! Match made in heaven, right? Nooopeee! It was pinewood so it didn’t quite match with my white furniture.

But, what the heck, I was in IKEA, land of opportunities and imagination! Just a few corridors after (like 1 hour later), I arrived to the paint section where I just stood there trying to choose wether to go with grey or white, grey or white, grey or white… I was kinda fed up with an all white room so I brought grey paint home with me!

As soon as I arrived home, I started to work on it! I didn’t took any pictures of the process of hacking my Rast dresser but I was so quick and easy that I couldn’t believe it. I used a paintbrush but depending on the type of coverage you want you can use a paint roller, for example.

To start I assembled the dresser all together and just left the assembled drawers aside. I started by painting them and only after I went for the rest of the dresser. First one side,then the other, then the top and after that the small details that can be easily spotted after putting all together. This took me something between half an hour and an hour to do and it was a clean work! Since it is pinewood the paint dries very quickly, so it will be up to you if you want to give a second layer of paint to make it more uniform or if, like me, you like to see the wood veins showing up through the paint and just leave it with one layer. Regarding the handles of the drawers, I dipped them on the paint to get them all covered, waited a bit to dry and voilá, I have a grey Rast dresser!




Making some changes

bridge-2062748_1920I have been away from the blog for almost 3 years… yes I know it’s too much absent time for someone with only 3 posts! But I thought about this for a while and I think that it’s time to change my life.

I have been struggling between college and work. Working a full-time job and at the same time trying to take a degree is not the easiest thing on life, but it is what it is. This year, due to some financial issues, I had to do a pause on my studies, so I swore to myself that I would take this “gap year” to make some real changes.

And for everyone who is thinking that this is a post full of achievments, it is not. I still haven’t done anything major or important with my life besides quitting my job and getting a new one.

No yay for me here also, because not only I don’t love what I’m doing but also I am not motivated at all to go to work. Currently, I’m in a medical leave because I got sick on my day off and just keep thinking what the hell am I doing with my life.

So let’s talk about some interesting things that I would like to achieve in my life in the next 2 years:

  1. As most of us, I would like to lose some weight, not much, just 5 or 6 kgs would be enough for me, but this must be achieved in a healthy way and without crazy diets for sure;
  2. Write a novel and get it published (does anyone have tips on this? ahah);
  3. Move out of my parents house and get my own house;
  4. Get my degree finally!

Easy, uh? Let’s see about that!

About this blog, one of the major changes I would like to achieve is already in motion as you can see: writing in English. When any blogger writes in english it allows them to get to much more people and share their ideas and knowledge with a whole community. Language barrier sometimes doesn’t allow an amazing blogger to reach to the top.

So now, I just need to start working on my achievments… let’s see how it goes!